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September 2023

New JPCR qualitative survey on Baby Boomers

We are thrilled to announce our new JPCR qualitative survey on Baby Boomers, conducted during Summer 2023. Are you curious about the aspirations, fears, and lifestyles of this important and dynamic generation? Wondering how to tap into their evolving needs and preferences ?  Our survey is designed to provide valuable insights that can inspire your company's strategies and action plans. Click on following link to have a flavor of the study :
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January 2022

Many creative ways to conduct quali online research in 2022

In this 2 minutes video, you will get a flavour of the types of studies and tools we use for agile quali online research in 2022, for inspiring and actionable insights. Click on following link : Don't hesitate to contact us. 
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November 2021

Brands after COVID-19 - Reborn ? - qualitative survey on Young Adults - BABM Webinar - November 2021

Thanks to BABM for giving us the opportunity to share the insights of our latest qualilative study on ‘Young adults’ during the webinar of November 25 ! We really hope this will inspire companies & brands in their strategies & action plans and that it will contribute in keeping building meaningful brands for people and planet 
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January 2021

Webinar ‘Brands after COVID-19 : Get inspired by consumers’

What do consumers expect from brands/companies in the new normal ? If interested, please join Corinne Rosinski from JPCR on the SolvaySchoolsAlumni webinar on February 2 @5 PM All details here :  
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November 2020

Brands after COVID-19 – Get inspired by consumers – New normal - update - November 2020

In May 2020, JPCR launched a qualitative-‘co-creation’ research to inspire brands after COVID-19. In October 2020, we updated this research with 120 Belgian consumers, in this ‘new normal’ period. Themes:
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