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Brands after COVID-19 – Reborn ? - a JPCR qualitative study on young adults

Retour aux publications Brands after COVID-19 - Reborn ? - a JPCR qualitative survey on young adults - September 2021

Thanks to BABM for giving us the opportunity to share the insights of our latest qualilative study on ‘Young adults’ during the webinar of November 25 !

We really hope this will inspire companies & brands in their strategies & action plans and that it will contribute in keeping building meaningful brands for people and planet.

After their ‘Brands after COVID-19’ studies in 2020, JPCR focused on ‘young adults’ in 2021. During this webinar, we shared insights about their lives, their aspirations and vision about the evolution of our world, the lessons learned from COVID-19, their priorities at private and professional levels, how they consume, shop and inform themselves, what drives them, what they expect from employers, companies, brands, how they see the evolution of Retail and FMCG…

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you missed the webinar or if you want to know more :